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Ham And Cheese Croissant

Flaky exterior, puffy and buttery interior, studded with your favourite veggies and meat.

Fresh Veggies on Foccacia

Our popular Sandwich with artisan Foccacia bread, soft and fresh Paneer, fresh Veggies in a delicious Mayonese dressing

Egg Omelette Paratha Kathi Roll

Flaky paratha, layered with egg, filled with curried veggies.

Mumbai Veg Masala Sandwich

Yummy street snack of crispy toasted sandwiches spiced with coriander chutney, stuffed with a delicious savory mashed potato stuffing and topped with a few crunchy veggies.

Double Egg Paratha Kathi Roll

Two Fried eggs wrapped in a soft paratha with fresh veggies, spices, and mint chutney.

Tandoori Chicken Sandwich

This tandoori sandwich is made with layers of tandoori chicken, juicy tomatoes, crispy lettuce, cheddar cheese and a spicy mayonnaise dressing.

BBQ Mushroom Torpedo (Oatmeal Roll)

A scrumptious oatmeal roll stuffed with BBQ Garlic Mushroom, Caramelised Onions and garnished with fresh coriander leaves.

Pepper Chicken Torpedo (Baguette Roll)

A must-try Baguette Roll loaded with juicy chunks of seasoned chicken with a twisty sprinkle of Indian spices.

Smoked Chicken Roll

Multigrain roll layered with mayonnaise cream, stuffed with smoked grilled chicken, topped with scorched bell peppers, and garnished with basil leaves.

Chicken Tikka Paratha Kathi Roll

A aromatic & delicious roll made with succulent pieces of chicken marinated in indian spices, fresh veggies and wrapped in a soft flaky paratha.

Paneer Tikka Paratha Kathi Roll

An aromatic & delicious roll made with soft and mushy paneer chunks, marinated in Indian spices, and fresh veggies, and wrapped in a soft flaky paratha.

Veg Club Sandwich on Foccacia

Veg club sandwich on foccacia – garlic foccacia topped with grilled paneer, sliced cheese and veggies.

Butter Croissant & Grilled Paneer

With Honey Mustard imported fresh butter croissant with soft paneer in honey mustard dressing, tomato, bell peppers & fresh coriander.

Butter Croissant & Grilled Chicken

With Honey Mustard imported fresh butter croissant with juicy chicken in honey mustard dressing, a delicate slice of ham, tomato, bell peppers, onion, and fresh coriander.

Chicken club Sandwich on Foccacia

Chicken club sandwich on foccacia”” garlic foccacia topped with grilled chicken, chicken ham and veggies.