Terms and Conditions FOOSBALL TOURNAMENT

Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

  1. Each match time is 3 minutes.
  2. Singles total 50 match 1st round  out of which 50 participants will be qualified 2nd round 25 matches, All participants must be 18 yrs of age and above.
  3. Only 3 quantity Copter 7 beer will be given against each entry and not per participant.
  4. Participants must show a valid government ID card mentioning birthdate and photograph at the venue along with entry confirmation mail.
  5. The judge’s decision will be final.
  6. Beer for a year/half a year must be collected on a monthly basis.
  7. Cost of any damage caused to the table while playing will be borne by the participant.
  8. Any participant with rude or unruly behavior will be vacated from the premises, any misbehavior with staff will result in legal proceedings.

Single entry per head Rs. 500

Time: 11AM – 7PM
Place: Bistro cafe & Miramar Cafe (at two places the tournament will be held)
Date: 28th & 29th Oct. 2022

Every entry gets 3 Copter 7 Beer FREE

Winner of the game gets
Single : 1st Place winner Gets Apple Watch & FREE* beer for a year


  1. Rule 1 : STARTThe winner of a coin toss chooses either to kick-off first or to pick side. The other team gets the remaining option.
  2. Rule 2 : KICK-OFFThe kick-off is a serve from the midfield (5-bar). Subsequent kick-offs go to the team conceding the last goal.
  3. Rule 3 : SERVETo serve the ball, first ask if your opponent is “ready?”. When they say “ready”, you can begin your foosball match. The ball must touch two players and then you must wait one second before you pass or shoot.
  4. Rule 4 : BALL OFF TABLEThe ball is ‘out’ if it leaves the playfield, defined as inside the cabinet or directly above it. Restart with a serve by the defender of the team that did not shoot the ball out.
  5. Rule 5 : DEAD BALLA ball is ‘dead’ if it can’t be reached by any player figure. If the ball goes dead between the 5-bars, restart with a kick-off by the team which conceded the last goal. If the ball goes dead behind a midfield bar, restart with a serve from the nearest defender.
  6. Rule 6 : TIME OUTEach team is allowed 3 time outs per game each. A time out can only be called by the team in possession of the ball and then only when the ball is not moving. Either team may call a time out when the ball is not in play (e.g. between balls or when the ball is dead or out).
  7. Rule 7 : SCORING A GOALYou can score a goal with any player figure on any bar. If the ball enters the goal and bounces out it counts as a goal.
  8. Rule 8 : CHANGE OF POSITIONSIn doubles, the players in a team may only swap positions between balls or during a time out.
  9. Rule 9 : SPINNINGThe penalty for spinning is a kick-off for your opponent. It’s a spin if the bar rotates more than 360˚ before or after striking the ball.
  10. Rule 10 : TIME LIMITSYou can’t keep the ball for more than 10 seconds on the midfield bar, or more than 15 seconds on any other bar. The goalie and defence bars counts as one bar.
  11. Rule 11 : JARRINGIt’s illegal to bang the rods or move the table. The ball is given to the other team on the nearest rod forward from where the ball was when the jar occurred.
  12. Rule 12 : RESET  If the opponents cause the ball to wobble while it’s in your possession (e.g. by aggressive shaking of their bars) then your time limits start again.
  13. Rule 13 : REACHING INTO THE PLAYING AREAIt’s illegal to reach into the playing area without permission from the other team. If your team had the ball, the penalty is a kick-off to the other team; otherwise a goal is awarded to the other team.
  14. Rule 14 : PASSINGIf the ball is not moving, you can’t pass it from the midfield to the forward or from defence to midfield without first touching a second player figure.
  15. Rule 15 : FOULUnless otherwise stated, if you break a rule then the other team has the choice of a kick-off or to continue play from the current position. Other fouls include distracting an opponent and using bad language.


〉First Prize – Beer for a year (10 cases of Copter 7 beer)+ Apple Watch 3 Series

〉Second Prize – Beer for half a year = 5 cases of Copter 7 beer


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