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Welcome to
a world of flavor!

Here at Cremeux, we're not just your ordinary bakery and cafe; we're a team of passionate food enthusiasts dedicated to creating unforgettable treats. 

We are motivated to push the envelope when it comes to flavor, quality & variety to provide our customers with an amazing experience, everytime.

Cremeux's First Location (St. Cruz)

Building Strong Foundations

Picture this - a cozy kitchen in St. Cruz, Goa, filled with the aroma of freshly baked goods. That's where it all began. With just a handful of employees and a whole lot of determination, Vincent and his team set out to make their mark on Goa's food scene. Fast forward to today, and we've expanded to 16 stores across Goa, bringing our delicious creations closer to you and recently spread our wings and landed in Bangalore!

16+ Locations across two states


Step into our buzzing production centre at Corlim Industrial Estate, and you'll see our team of culinary wizards hard at work.


With their skilled hands and creative minds, they whip up a wide array of goodies, from fluffy pastries to mouth watering pizzas, all made with love and care.

Our Reach

From supplying top-notch hotels like Vivanta by Taj and Grand Hyatt to serving up smiles to customers all over Goa and now in Bangalore, our treats have made their way into the hearts (and bellies) of many.


With multiple outlets scattered across different neighbourhoods, we're here to make sure that everyone gets a taste of the Cremeux experience.

Our Service

Whether you're marking a special occasion or simply treating yourself to a little indulgence, Cremeux is here to make every moment sweeter.


With our unique recipes, warm hospitality, and unwavering dedication to culinary excellence, we're here to turn your ordinary day into something extraordinary.

What makes Cremeux a success

Meet Our Founder

Vincent Dias isn't just a name; he's the heart and soul of Cremeux. With years of experience as a pastry chef in 5-star hotels around the globe, Vincent's culinary journey led him back to his roots in Goa, where he dreamt of creating something truly special. 


Driven by his passion for pastry and a desire to bring a touch of sophistication to Goa's food scene, Vincent opened the doors to the first Cremeux bakery in his cozy kitchen in St. Cruz. From those humble beginnings, Vincent's vision has grown into a thriving enterprise with multiple stores across Goa and now expanding into Bengaluru.

Thank You For Making Us A Success 

Finally, We at Team Cremeux would like to thank you for making us a success. We take feedback seriously, so please email or contact us with any ideas, experiences or issues you might have so that we can continue serving you in the future.

The Journey Forward...

In 2013, the CMM Group of companies joined hands with Vincent Dias to provide a platform for future growth of the business. The CMM Group of companies has interests in Medical Devices, Consumer plasters, Logistics, Retail & Distribution.


The brand Cremeux has expanded rapidly with an investment from the CMM Group & plans to continue this expansion in the coming years.​ The company employees approx. 300+ employees.


​Join us in our journey as we continue to innovate and spread the joy of delicious cakes, breads, desserts & much more.​

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